30 Jul 2020

I love this so much and it really travel friendly. I always used it in the office and clean my makeup before prayer. hehe

Norainni Janai
15 Jul 2020

It does work! It works better with Nita wipes and gives better results! I would recommend using cotton pad once applied on the face.

Aleeya Aisha
19 Jun 2020

This is my new favourite makeup remover!
Likeee seriously it doesn’t hurt my eyes and it easily remove makeup. Love itt!!

Nurul Farhanah
17 Jun 2020

Why use micellar water if you have micellar foam in your handbag?! It is gentle on my skin and I can remove my makeup effortlessly :P

Nurul Nadiatul Hikmah Binti Hakemi
30 May 2020

I really love how it feels on my face when i use it to clean my makeup, even my eyeshadows come off really well. Thank youuuu