24 Apr 2022

I really love the packaging and the powder, and the puff are amazing

Fatin Ainaa
05 Mar 2022

I use this as touch up after hours wearing makeup.Bila panas kan my skin get oily and the makeup look greasy so i use this to matify it back.Simple!Cushion pun ada both side yang beza untuk digunakan ikut preference.Love !

Sabrina Jalil
27 Jan 2022

I accidentally bought the wrong shade of colour to my skin. But love the velvetty finish and very light on skin!

Nur Husna Ridzuan
17 Nov 2021

This is a staple in my bag. I have one at home, one in my everyday bag and one at the office. A loyal fan, I am indeed. The powder is smooth and the shade is close to my skin colour it blended so well :)

Raimi Syahmi
15 Oct 2021

So happy that this is my perfect shade! The powder really blurs my pores and helps to cover my scars. The shade suits my skin so it makes my skin looks glowing!