Puteri Nurul Aida Shahida
30 May 2020

Not gonna lie, I have NEVER worn foundation before because I don’t usually like the texture it leaves on your face, and I’m normally scared of picking the wrong shade. This was my first ever foundation, and I LOVE IT! It’s so light that I can barely feel it on my skin. I also love that the shade is just right for me as I was contemplating on whether to get 1.0 or 2.0. Words just can’t describe how in love I am with this product ♥️

Najwa Alya Mohd Zaki
30 May 2020

This is one of my best buys!! I love the matte finish and it actually gives you a good coverage even though it’s just a powder.

Nurul Farhanah
29 May 2020

I really love the double-sided puff! Easy to apply onto my face ✨

Aina Afrena
27 May 2020

It’s darker that I THOUGHT. When i look at the shades dkt ig & the model. I dont think they look that dark ???? so it’s bit disappointing bc I’m not fair so i thought medium shade is perfect for me but it made me look orange and dark & tanned. However, the finishing look is still nice!

Norliza Ibrahim
27 May 2020

Penghataran sangat laju , barang pun bestt thankyou nita sangat berpuas hati lepasni nak beli macam macam lagu thankyou so much