Nurhanani Daud
27 Aug 2021

I love this foundation ❤️, it looks good on my skin. Just nice. Definitely will repeat it.

Irlya Shazwani
27 Aug 2021

Cant wait to try this powder kit as my go to make up if im in rush or anything hihi thank youu ❤️❤️❤️

Adriana Azami
25 Aug 2021

Delivery is so so fast! I love the foundation the sponge is very soft and the color suits my skin. The foundation blends nicely.

Anne M. Nafi
20 Aug 2021

This is my forth one. Wajib beli sebab best and buat muka u flawless. Definitely not cacky, and suitable for combination skin. This NITA cosmetic is definitely as international makeup lines ????????

Anne M. Nafi
10 Aug 2021

This is my third one. Haha. Suka sgt sebab mmg sesuai utk kulit combination mcm I. Plus, bila snap pic somehow mcm ada highlights gitu. Thumbs up for this foundation drum!