Nur Khairina Alia Che Mohd Khairu
21 Sep 2020

Bought it for my mom and she loves it! Easy to apply and not as messy as liquid foundation.

17 Sep 2020

I buy this for my customer, she LOVE IT !

I advise her to buy this one and the blusher

Syazmin Ezryn Yunos
09 Sep 2020

Bought it for a second time because mine is running out. I’ve used it for about a little bit over 3 months, more or less. It’s amazing!!!

Nuraishah Jumali
05 Sep 2020

This shade really suit my skin tone. First, I bought code tan because i thought my skin is darker, but it does not suitable with my skin tone. Instead, I use it for contour ☺️

Nurul Waheeda
31 Aug 2020

Love this so muchh ! It is soo pigmented.. can wear as foundation and powder