Pattrena George
19 Mar 2021

The powder colour is slightly too pigmented and dark for my skin but other than that it blends well with my foundation.

Anupreetha Parthiban
08 Mar 2021

It is dark for my skin but I use it as a contour.

Nurul Baharuddin
15 Dec 2020

So good. Tapi ingat kan tan sikit je. Rupanya gelap juga 3.0 honey ni But i still love it. Nita cosmetics definitely can help more tan people finding their shades.

Gina Ahmad
09 Dec 2020

Very light and the color match my skin. Not cakey at all. Love it!

Atika Asmawi
01 Dec 2020

Need to let this go to other people because it doesnt match with my skintone. Sleek packaging