Khairun Nisa
20 May 2020

This powder foundation saves my life if im in a hurry!! Tap tap tap, and im good to go!

Tasnim Khadijah
20 May 2020

I love powder drum kit , very light and natural look even apply banyak kali ,

Nabilah Othman
19 May 2020

As ive mentioned before, my kawan muka slighttttttlyyyy darker than my kulit. So we end up buying number 2 and 3. Tapi rasanya either im number 1 and shes 2, or both of us number 2. Comment same as my other drum, home for pictures or instagrams stories showing the swatch tak pki filter and bila edit at least as close to real colour sebab i perasan colour dia berubah for each picture so confusing skit.

Shafiqah Khairulazli
08 May 2020

Accidentally bought the wrong shades so i gave it to my mum and she loves it!

Sofyyana Sofhan
07 May 2020

the shade is exactly the colour of my skin and i love how it doesnt look cakey. amazing formula! <33333