28 Sep 2020

I like that a net is used to sieve the powder..for me it is more easier to get the powder out then the usual loose powder that used a few little hole...and i like that it has a cover on top the net to prevent spillage..nice..!

aimish aziz
24 Sep 2020

this is my first time buying a loose powder and i did not expect it will come without a sponge/brush. but i do not regret my purchase as this pentas makes my makeup looks better!

Ummi Haanie
18 Sep 2020

Packaging yang cantik, berkualiti & cute!.
Try test tadi, kulit muka jadi matte, hilang kesan2 minyak & saya sgt berpuas hati!. Tiada bau yang pelik2, tekstur powder yang sangat halus. Tak perlu pakai banyak pun, dab sikit2 guna brush pun dah cukup.

Hafizatul Nasuha
13 Sep 2020

A little bit too fair for me but overall everything is good!

Farah Raina Rahim
06 Sep 2020

A very lightweight and fine translucent powder. I love the packaging and the idea of producing a double lid which can avoid wastage and messy to the user. Hope nita can include the applicator so that it is easier for us to touch up without having to bring our own brush anywhere