14 Oct 2020

very pigmented. just layang2 je sikit, lepas tu done!!!

Stephina Laing
12 Oct 2020

My favourite brow product at the moment. So easy to shape brows! Creamy.

Fetty Christlla Refin
12 Oct 2020

Need lighter, more subtle, natural brownish shade

Farah Raina Rahim
06 Sep 2020

This is my first time using a brow liner. I used to draw my brow using brow pencil. However, after using this brow liner, i think my eyebrows look more neat and better than before. A very convenient to use for those who still learning how to draw a brow

Ili-Mastura Mashudi
05 Sep 2020

Bought another colour. Yeah! I just fall in love with Nita Cosmetics.