10 Feb 2021

Very pigmented, need to do small & soft strokes. I am very pleased with it actually

farah athirah
29 Jan 2021

"Dark brown is perfect for me. Easy to use and I really love the eyebrow tint gel!"

22 Jan 2021

OK!!!! THIS IS SOOOO GOOOD. The pigmentation is 1000/10. I love the fact that the price is suitable for 2 in1 brow liner. the shades also match my brow! will repurchase for sure :D

Amani Husna Che Hassan
16 Dec 2020

Sooo in love with this mata kucing brow! 3 in 1, siapa je yang tak nak! Easy to shape, texture just nice. I hope afer this nita can come out with the brow pencil refills? Hehe thank you for this amazing product!

Nurul Baharuddin
15 Dec 2020

Ni pn loveee. But maybe the spolie tu boleh panjang kan sikit kena berhati2 nk sikat kening. Finishing dia letoppp. Thanks nita