farah athirah
27 Aug 2020

Shades dark brown tu sama macam dalam gambar. So pretty and texture dia smooth gila nak buat eyeliner. Absolutely smudge-proof, water-resistant and sweat-proof. Brow tint gel tu pun above my expectation. 100% TESTED and SATISFIED!

Ili-Mastura Mashudi
16 Aug 2020

Easy to use. So practical and the colour just nice with me. ☺️

Stephina Laing
07 Aug 2020

love the formula of this product. no regrets! definitely gonna restock for myself again!

Meeza Shamsul
06 Aug 2020

Hello nita cosmetics! I love your mata kucing brow liner pencil.. This eye brow liner pencil is cheap cause its 3in1 which have eye brow pencil, Eye brow brush and also eye brow gel, it also can be a mascara. I really love it, thank you..!

Eva Thassia Aldrin
29 Jul 2020

Love the 3 in 1 brow liner! It glides easily and it is so pigmented!