Shuhaina Nizam
27 Jan 2021

omg!!!! the colors are so nice and so pigmented love it so much!

Sree Tasshalini Uthaya Suriyan
28 Dec 2020

I love the blushers and they are very pigmented. I will definitely purchase more.

Qurratu Ain Batrisyia Shahrol Sham
18 Dec 2020

prettyyy and now my life is much more easier with mini blusher form nita!

Syuhaida Salehi
17 Dec 2020

Not only these babies are cute, they are hella pigmented as well! I love how there are shimmer and matte finishes in one set, so you truly get the best of both worlds!

nancy jayapala
08 Dec 2020

Mini blushers, yay !! Indie is a very pretty blusher shade. Looks really nice on my medium tan complexion. Code RnB looks super natural and prefect for everyday makeup looks, very subtle. Love it.