Eeja Najia
23 Feb 2021

The blusher very pigmented and i love all the shade in this set

Eeja Najia
23 Feb 2021

This bluher very pigmented and all the shade suit my medium skin tone

Iza Maria Mohamad Rusdi
16 Feb 2021

The reason i got this set is because my 7yrs old girl loves to use my make up. Although its under the Blush category I basically find that it is multipurpose, can use as face contour, eye make up and lipcolor too,if you love subtle matte look.

farah athirah
29 Jan 2021

"3 shades of my fave blusher shades in one set? Definitely for me! Thank you for coming up with this idea"

nancy jayapala
08 Dec 2020

If im not mistaken, both hip hop and jazz are cool toned blushers. However, i am warm toned. Hip hop looks really nice on me. Gives me that sunkissed look and i love it. Jazz gives me a pop of colour, its like a slightly bright pink. Etnik is a shimmer blusher and i dont like shimmer blushers so i use it as an eyeshadow and i looks really pretty and natural. Reference: mic foundation code 4.5