Norshazwani Shazreen
12 Jul 2023

sukaaaaa brush dari nita semua best!! try beli brush brand brand lain yg viral kat tiktok pun still takde lagi yg dapat lawan nita. bestttt!! lembut & function sangat sangat!!!! korang patut tryy nita dari bazir beli brush lain ✋✋

Eeja Najia
24 Jun 2021

The brush is very fluffy doesnt leave any brush stroke..

Yong Zanariah
27 May 2021

The brushes are so soft !! One of my “no regrets” purchase !!

12 May 2021

the brush is so soft and easy to use and blend my foundation

06 May 2021

Very soft on touch and applicable. Sculptor brush was a bit dusty when received, but fine after washing it. Brushers remained soft and intact even after washing.