Nik Nurul Syafiqah
26 Jul 2021

really love how easy it is to use this eyeliner. as a first-timer, I absolutely love this one! will def purchase again

Eeja Najia
24 Jun 2021

Love the eyeliner tip very sharp so i can make thin liner on my eye.. also this liner very black very satisfied.. gonna purchase more after this

farah athirah
15 May 2021

Super black and sharp liner! Easy to remove even when using only warm water. Great!

Nur Zuleyka
15 May 2021

Hi! Its me again! Hahahahha love your product so much! #rayapkp #staysafestayhome

Aleeya Aisha
29 Apr 2021

LOVEEE IT! Super duper pigmented! And I love the sharpness! Easy to make wing. The packaging is cool. If you feel like the Maybelline Hypersharp Liner is the best, you should try this pula! Highly recommended.