Izzah Mazlan
06 Jan 2021

This shade is definitely deeper / darker brown than kopi susu. A bit dark on my lips but gives me the perfect 90s vibe! So love it! :)

Nuha Khalidhah
09 Nov 2020

Love all the colours!!! However one thing that I don’t really like is the packaging, it’s a little bit flimsy. I love the formula! It’s lightweight and i think it’s great that the lipsticks don’t have scents hence they are not bothering. Thank you nita! Hoping for the best in the future :)

nancy jayapala
04 Nov 2020

My most favourite shade in the whole collection ????????

Amalia Samsuddin
04 Nov 2020

LOVE the color. Not sticky at all. Unscented. The best part is, no stain left on my face mask.

nancy jayapala
03 Nov 2020

This is my everyday go to shade ???????? just the perfect shade for me with a great formula. So so glad i finally found the right shade for my tan skin tone