Ayou Jalal
25 Dec 2019

My top fav colors of Nude!
Must be all time fav lipmatte ❤️

Shabirah Rahim
17 Nov 2019

Love the colour and texture! Not sticky! And the nudes is just perfect yay!!

Nur Diyanah Sulaiman
16 Nov 2019

I love the colour and how it matches my olive skin tone. My only wish is that it lasts longer through meals.

Siti Khairiyah
16 Nov 2019

Aaaaaaaaaaa im in love dengan lipstick from nita cosmeticssss ni korang should give it a try sumpah tak menyesal

Amalina Zulkarnain
11 Nov 2019

I love the way how it glides smoothly onto my lips. And I love the colour.