06 Jan 2020

Warna favorit sepanjang masa. Sesuai nak pakai pergi mana-mana. Tak pakai makeup just pakai ais kepal je dah naik seri muka. Love it.

Syazwani Tahrim
01 Jan 2020

Best lipstick ever. Ever since I bought warung liquid lipstick which was in 2018, I have never used any other lipsticks. Exaggerating but true. Warung is my ultimate favorite when it comes to lipstick. I got 4 friends terpengaruh with me hahahaha

Naida Athirah
26 Dec 2019

tried the liquid lipstick once and fell in love with the texture

Areen Adira
17 Dec 2019

the colors was so nice! Worth every penny. Love it!

Fifi Nur Syafieka
28 Nov 2019

Feel so smooth and very comfortable