Izzah Mazlan
18 Dec 2020

pretty nude pink shade love it! comfy on lips cuz it dries down to matte & feels light.

Amani Husna Che Hassan
16 Dec 2020

Love it the texture, its very easy to wear and tahan lama too! Ahhh the best liquid lipstick so far!

Siti Kamal
02 Dec 2020

my favvvv of all the timeee!!! the colour is so niceeee! perfect purple brown nude!

Siti Kamal
01 Dec 2020

the colour is sooooo beautiful and the texture is so smooth! it feels like you didnt wear anything on ur lips! i love bandung and kopi susus so much ❤️❤️❤️

27 Oct 2020

beautifull and love sangatt. colour dia wearable utk everyday look ❤❤❤