Hazirah Hanafi
23 Oct 2019

My new favourite nude! The perfect brown shade. My lips but better!! I keep buying whenever theres a sale for back ups, thats how much i love them! Definitely one of my essentials! Highly Recommended. Good Product Quality.

Nur Nadia Aisyah
08 Oct 2021

i didnt really like the color at first but now i kinda like it. it can make my lip looks dark which that is the reason i dont like but now i see it can looks pretty tho lol. the color is like dark dusty pink i can say

Nik Nadirah Nik Azli
08 Oct 2021

warna cantik. serius suka texture nya, smooth je. bila makan or minum, tak bercapuk kat bibir. hilang sekata je pastu kalau nak lap dengan wet tissue pun mudah sangat. kenapa lah saya tak try awal, hahaha pelbagai brand Malaysia kita try, rasa Nita Cosmetics ni setanding Huda Beauty. hahahaha sorry bias!

Amira Ain Abu Hassan
19 Sep 2021

Colour cantik! If youre light to medium skin tone like me, this will be good as daily lip colour. The formula? Theres no doubt 1 of the best local products ive ever tried! Loveeeeeeee sangat!

che fatihah
07 Sep 2021

This is my first purchase this shade !! I swear this shade very nice !! This shade will be my fav after this ???????????? i love nita cosmetic so much !! And i will repeat my order after this !!!