Nur Khairina Alia Che Mohd Khairu
04 Aug 2020

I LOVE IT! Very pigmented and suit my skin tone which is very good since not all colour suits me. ☺️

Norainni Janai
15 Jul 2020

Easy to glide, very pigmented, suitable for any skin tone in my opinion.

Aishah Rapi
27 Jun 2020

I LOVE IT!! the texture, the colour is just what I’m looking for!

Siti Nur Zaimah Zailan
09 Jun 2020

Still loving the formula and texture! It feels so light but at the same time, super pigmented! This colour has a bit of pink and I love it.

Afrina Ahmad
08 Jun 2020

Love the colour & formula! Lightweight, doesn’t feel sticky at all!