Puteri Shahira Adzman Shah
19 Nov 2019


Tassnim Yaakub
19 Nov 2019

Love the color and the texture. It is non drying and long lasting! Love it!

Shabirah Rahim
17 Nov 2019

Love the brownish red colour! Just amazeballs!!

Aliya Raihanah Azhar
11 Nov 2019

I bought this during the 11.11 So it’s only RM 23 for one, and that’s a good deal for me. I just wanna say thank you nitacosmetics for being so generous with your sales like always. The texture of the lipstick on my lips is somewhat similar to my old lip cream and that is a good thing. Very light on the lips, but just sliiightly drier than the old one. Like there’s no need for a lip balm application beforehand and it’ll feel just fine, but it would feel more pleasant if I do put on some lip balm first. The colour is somewhat shocking because it’s very nude for me (I use the Mikrofon foundation in shade 3.5) and I’m not really used to super nude colours, I prefer the orangey/peachy shades. But it looks really elegant if I use it along with my wine red coloured lipstick. Overall I love ittt thank you! Please produce more peachy colours hehe.

Nurul Waheeda
08 Nov 2019

Fav everyday colour!