Eeja Najia
28 Sep 2020

My fave colour... tak pernah jumpa colour mcm niii... very unique. It make my lip look sexy

Nurul Waheeda
31 Aug 2020

Nice formula!!! Affordable price!! Loveeee this colour

Norainni Janai
15 Jul 2020

Easy to glide, very pigmented, suitable for any skin tone in my opinion.

Nur Iman Hayati Mohamed
07 Jun 2020

The formula is amazing . It’s matter but it’s not drying at all and I love the texture. Unfortunately the colour is not what I expected and I’m not used to wearing that shade. It looks purplish with my skint tone.

Azwa Syamsull
18 May 2020

Think this is good for bold finish, love the liquidity and matte finish because both complete each other, LOVE