Azwa Syamsull
18 May 2020

Think this is good for bold finish, love the liquidity and matte finish because both complete each other, LOVE

Yvonne Shu
12 Mar 2020

I like the color.

Nazurah Nudin
07 Mar 2020

Lovin this. Im not a fan of lipsticks, as it makes my lips become dry and chapped. However, NITA liquid lipstick is an exception!???? its like Im not wearing any, when I actually do ???? AND BONUS POINT, it doesnt dry my lips. Yay!

Adlynn Aldeena
06 Mar 2020

Love the formula and the packaging is too cute! Colour is a bit purple but it’ll honestly look good on anyone!

Henna Bartolome
17 Dec 2019

Beautiful berry nude color.. really suit my skintone and with any kind of makeup style i wear..