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We know, we know. Cleaning can be very tedious and especially if it takes hours! BUT maintaining proper hygiene and care for your cosmetics and tools is really important. Not only that it helps ensure that there’s no growth of bacteria, it also prevents skin breakouts and eye infections.

Here are some key things that we need to take note of!

Makeup Brushes

The most important one in the bunch - our (no secret) weapon. Some of us prefer to use fingers, others prefer using make up sponges but most of us often rely on make up brushes. If you’re like us (read: lazy) then you need this in your collection.

The Rush & Brush Oil-Based Cleanser has become our holy grail when it comes to cleaning the tools. Not only that it disinfects your brushes, the Jojoba Oil-infused formula keeps the bristles soft. Wait, we forgot to mention how it works. This is the best part because you can even do it on the go. Super travel-friendly!

All you need it a few spritz and a tissue. Give it a good spray and swirl away in circles to remove all make up residue from the brush. It also comes in two scents; Sakura or Melon. It’s antibacterial properties help you clean off all the gunk and dirt in seconds. You can opt to rinse it off with after after but that’s not necessary. will do the trick. The extra glow that makes you look presentable and ready to rock the meeting!

Spritz. Swirl. Wipe dry and use!

Super easy and effortless you can even do this daily before you start your routine.

Blending Sponges

Make Up Blending Sponges are our best friends, and the brand new Pemadam takes the cake! We love just how it enhances and magically makes everything look seamlessly blended with just a few dabs. SUPER FLUFFY TOO! The only downside is that it’s not as easy to clean.

What you need:
Warm Water + Baby Shampoo / Soap

How to:
Simply wet the sponge and lather well. Roll the sponge back and forth to work the soap all the way through the sponge. Sponges generally can hold a lot of product so you may need to rinse and repeat until it is cleaned thoroughly, inside and out. Leave the sponge to dry in an open space (or simply leave the lid open if you put it in the original casing) and let sit to avoid any bacterial growth forming from the moisture.

Ensure that the sponge is completely dry before storing them back in your make up bag.

Mascara Wand / Spoolie / Lash Curler

These items are some of the biggest breeding grounds for bacteria. Whether it’s for your brows or lashes, you need take extra precautionary steps because an eye infection is never welcomed.

Quick way to clean them is to simply use a Make Up Cleanser Wipe and clean them thoroughly. Remove any buildup that’s been clinging onto these items and disinfect them with alcohol before every use.

Marie Kondo-ing your collection!

Did you know that all cosmetic products have a different lifespan? Here’s the general rule that you can use a guideline to estimate the right time to discard the items in your stash.

Liquid Foundation / Concealer - 12 months
Any Powder Cosmetics - 24 months
Lipstick, Eye/Brow Pencil - 12 months
Mascara - 3 months

While the expiry or manufacturing date states the production timeline and shelf life of a product, what you need to actually pay attention to is the period after opening. Most products are actually safe to be used even if it exceeds its suggested expiry date only if it hasn’t been opened or exposed.

Pro Tip:
1. Keep track of your purchases so you know how long you’ve started using the product.
2. Get a small sticker to indicate the date when you first started using it, or simply jot it down on your notepad in your phone.

If you notice any change in colour, texture or scent — perhaps it’s time to bid your farewell. Not sure if your NITA item is still safe to be used? Drop us a DM!


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