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march picks 2021

Glowing Skin & Bright lips:

Products: Vinyl Highlighter in Metal + Jus Tomato Matte Bullet Lipstick

Still not getting used to the new norm as you work from home and the last minute video conference calls? Fret not! This will get you looking presentable in just TWO minutes! These items are all you need.

We LOVE how multipurpose lipsticks can be and you sure guessed it right! Dab a few dots of our bright red Jus Tomato on your cheeks and blend away to create a flushed healthy blush. Swatch them on your lips for a quick pick me up!

For that added oomph, a little swipe of the Vinyl Highlighter will do the trick. The extra glow that makes you look presentable and ready to rock the meeting!

2) Use it as an eyeliner substitute. Say goodbye to your kohls!

A Flushed, Monochromatic Complexion:

Album Blusher in Indie, Mata Kucing Browliner, Set & Spray Watermelon

We’re all about keeping it easy and we LOVE it when products are super multipurpose and versatile. Our pick of the month is the Album Blusher in Indie - this gorgeous berry brown shade to complement your eyes, cheeks and also lips. Lips? Yup, few dabs is all you need to create this look.

For a more polished finish, use the Mata Kucing Browliner (it’s 3-in-1) to fill in your brows and on your lashes. The brow gel brush gives subtle coat of tint to get them lashes look defined, wispy and most importantly, NO CLUMPS.

Finish it off with a spritz of the Watermelon Set & Spray and you’re good to go! This is PERFECT for your virtual dates too.


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I love, loved the Indie Blusher!

2021-03-22 10:59:26



2022-05-20 03:23:03