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september picks.

Holler at your cliques, it’s time to tune in to some of our editor’s picks.


Clean brushes are absolutely ESSENTIAL when you wear make up on a daily basis but it comes with a chore that we all can sometimes dread. We know the feelin’ — but the RUSH & BRUSH has truly changed the game. 1 minute is all you need! A quick spritz or two and you’re set. Just gently swirl the brushes on a tissue paper to get rid of all the make up residue and you’re good to go.

They’re currently out of stock but be sure to put it on your wishlist because trust us, you will love it!

Retail Price: RM39.00

Wispy Lashes? Checked!

The long awaited restock of the MATA KUCING MASCARA is finally here. This clump-free, tubing formula is god-sent! Equipped with a precise curved wand, this volumizing fiber mascara will be perfect for your lashes.

The WATER-RESISTANT formula (not waterproof!) means it can withstand all the sweat, tears and rain without bleeding or smudging. Let’s just say, you don’t have to worry about panda eyes. But does that mean it’s hard to remove? Not at all.

One of the most essential factor when it comes to buying a mascara for us is ensuring its super easy to remove. Simply wet your lashes and gently remove the fibres with your fingers and walaaaa!

Retail Price: RM39.00

Camera ready with no flashbacks!

Wondering what’s that? While it may not be very visible under most lighting, the white cast appearing in photos taken with a flash sure are something we’d like to prevent!

Our PENTAS Loose Powder PENTAS LOOSE POWDER has been formulated to provide the same function WITHOUT leaving this important part out. This super-lightweight, translucent & matte powder to set you makeup flawlessly for hours.

Retail Price: RM39.00

Bye-bye dirt.

Go-to item after a long day at work! Remove all that make up residue and clean away with this duo. Start off with the BUBBLE BATH Micellar Foam to cleanse your face from all the layers of make up. This gentle formula that pumps out as foam is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Finish off by using NITA’s very own Make Up Cleanser WIPES to double cleanse and ensure all that stubborn residue is wiped off! Enriched with vitamin E, made with Hyaluronic Acid with Calendula Extract - our wipes work extra hard to keep you looking fresh and skin moisturized.

Retail Price: RM19.00 | Make Up Cleanser Wipes Pack of 10 (RM6) or Set of 3 Packs (RM15)

One product for ALL?

Our tiny litte AIS KACANG Multipurpose Palette is known for its versatility. These buttery, highly-pigmented formula comes with a lustre finish that gives you the perfect touch on your eyes, cheeks or even lips.

Comes in 4 vibrant shades that you can rock for various looks, all in this compact travel-friendly fuss free packaging — this one’s truly a catch!

Retail Price: RM45.00


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