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Cerminita - Nyonya
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Presenting NITA’s brand new collectible Cerminita! Bring our ultra-cute, travel-friendly mirror in your handbag wherever you go! Convenient to touch up your makeup, it’s super lightweight and compact – it’ll be your new best friend!

Colour: White

Product Shelf Life: 36 months

Tin plate compact mirror

  Reviews (4)
Nurul Rafina
07 Jun 2020

Corak dia cantik. Nampak macam corak yang mewah. Warna yang dia pakai sangat kena campuran itu. Cermin ni senang bawa ke mana mana sahaja.

Huwaida Asri
05 Jun 2020

love the mirror! small and very compact, easy to carry everywhere. design is very cute too

Lina Irwan
05 May 2020

This cerminita is so cutee and it’s easy to bring it anywhere, the design ofcourse i love it, look like moroccan style

Nur Husna Ridzuan
15 Apr 2020

It is always handy to have a mirror like this the size of my palm to rely to for quick glimpse and touch up. Not to mention that the design at the back IS VERYYY PRETTY!!!