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Limited Edition - Gift Box
Gift Box
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12 Reviews

Chic, trendy and truly a gift to behold. A gift box to accommodate your thoughtfully picked gifts for your loved ones.

Colour: Turquoise
Product measurement: 22cm x 25cm x 8cm
Material: High-quality cardboard with a textured matte finish (300gsm)

Disclaimer: Color as shown in the catalogue may vary slight from the actual colors of the product as the process of photography and graphic involves a lot of transitions and changes. However, we try our best to portray each item as accurately as possible to the true color of the product. All goods sold are non-exchangeable and non-refundable, unless otherwise stated or agreed upon.

  Reviews (12)
Amira Ain Abu Hassan
19 Sep 2021

Sturdy box! They even wrapped the box with those bubble wrapping! So cantik the colour. This box is spacious enough to put all my NITA COSMETICS items!

Keerthana Murugeswaran
27 Aug 2021

The box looks great. It is very hard and not easily torn. The goods was in good condition in it.

14 Jan 2021

I beli box dan request birthday card berserta ucapan, luckily Nita granted my request! Cantik sgt tulisan orang yg tlg tulis card tu. Love you!

16 Nov 2020

Glad I made a decision to purchase this along because it kept my stuff intact.

Adilla Puteri Adnan
13 Oct 2020

This box is sooo soo pretty, recommended for those who want to make surprise for you love ones ????